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Darkness Passes

At the conclusion of Thelia's spell there was a bright light, and the top of the Ivory Tower was ...

God's & Daerlin

From the History Books

Aalynor, True God.Lord of Dawn, Lord of Life, Lord of the Light. Aalynor is active in the realms....

In The Beginning

From the History Books

In the Beginning...In the beginning, there was Void. From Void were born two brothers, Aalynor an...

Old Intro

From the History Books

And here we are, noble adventurer. Will you walk in Aalynor's Light, seek Honor with Paelina, liv...


From the History Books

Since the time of the Daer'lin, one day in the world of Altin has been measured as one full cycle...


From the History Books

In Aalynor's Nexus, spell casting requires that you first Cast (target), and then speak the spell...

Getting Started

Game Play


Game Play


Game Play

Dark-Elf HistoryCivil war is a familiar thing to the Dark-Elves. During the first War of the Rac...

Status Effects on Creatures


Add status effects to creatures: Melee Range/standing next to a creature Players take sha...

Status Effects on Weapons: Poison and Elemental


For a full read-through of the ideas: Para...

Ideas to curb over hunting a zone.


Copy/past from discord:  There are a few more suggestions for this topic.  Will update accordingl...

Attune Items - Meld Shop


Used to be able to attune items at the meld shop for a hefty fee so that if you ever died they wo...



Outside of the first few levels, poison and disease are easily countered.  New iteration idea:  ...

Toggle for limiting the number of a specific mob.


Add a toggle to mobs to limit the number that can spawn in a room. That in combination with a pe...

Edit spawn timers on the front end.


For the sake of an example, think of gate guards, or two wolves outside of a den.  I would like ...