Ideas to curb over hunting a zone.

Copy/past from discord:  There are a few more suggestions for this topic.  Will update accordingly. 

telor — 06/21/2021
I’m going to bounce of this with more hypotheticals. Instead of the room being reduced to drop less, could the player potentially be flagged by the room with a flag that says, “this character had been here a long time, no more goodies for you.”
[11:16 AM]
That way if a different group of players comes the next day, the room is still useful to them and not ruined by a higher powered group.
[11:16 AM]
The only downside to this is a player running multiple characters in time steps
[11:17 AM]
Therefore taking advantage of the room.
[11:17 AM]
Just a thought.

Arcadia — 06/21/2021
I like it. Then if we add rangers "assess" ability to a room, they could see "This area has been exhausted by X and X, and X, they cannot be part of the hunting group."

[11:17 AM]
I've been stubbing out 'instances' along the way too. Technically we could use something like that as well.