Edit spawn timers on the front end.

For the sake of an example, think of gate guards, or two wolves outside of a den. 

I would like to be able to adjust spawn timers for mobs on the front end. 

Two Guards, would spawn as perm mobs, (would need to be able to limit the number of spawns, so we don't get a room full of 40 guards)  then have their re-spawn timer be X amount of time. 

The idea would be, adventurers would have to address the guards at the door, or the patrol or whatever in front of the castle, in order to get inside and hunt or progress on whatever quest is going on.  They would also then have to consider how to address that same encounter when trying to exit.  

This is something that would make sense for places like, the quickling tree, sand ants, anything related to how the pyramid gets built. 

It could also be used as soft block to a zone.  No steal guards have a key to a non pickable door.  To get in, those guards have to be dispatched.