Roleplaying Basics


The Basics of Roleplaying in Aalynors Nexus

Roleplaying in the realms of Aalynor's Nexus is as necessary as it is enjoyable. Indeed, it is the concept upon which the realms are fundamentally based. Aalynor's Nexus is a world in and of itself, with its own races, politics, and religions. Roleplaying is being the character that you created WITHIN the premise of the game. What does this mean? This means that you respect the order and guidelines of the world of Altin and the game. While there is a great deal of lee way in the guidelines for individual direction, there are lines that once crossed, is a role-play no no.

Set in a medieval/fantasy environment, Aalynor's Nexus has neither knowledge nor concern of our modern-day society, and, consequently, none of this society should be taken there. Think of it as an escape, a place where one may step into another world, and, for a time, leave all of his/her 'baggage' at the door. In short, this is not just some 'Hack 'n Slash' MUD, and to be perfectly blunt, if that is all you want, read no further, and seek your pleasure elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you have a heart for adventure, then we look forward to seeing you there - in character, of course!

Every character in the realms has his/her own personality, and ideally every action and utterance made should duly reflect this personality. We realize, of course, that this can be difficult; it sometimes takes a good while before one can flesh out his/her character. It's really only necessary to keep the context of the setting in mind to start ... One's name should befit a medieval environment, and one should act accordingly in this environment. From there, make it up as you go; have fun with it (After all, that is the point, is it not?).

Each character should have a history to explore your character's persona and background more thoroughly. Mundane histories are perfectly fine, not everyone has to be half demon god, a tortured child of evil parents, the soul survivor of a nation, or any of that. Some of the best roleplayed characters grew up in Nexus or Tamlet, and decided to go to Rymek to train. Much more detailed than that, but it demonstrates the normalcy of their history. Nothing wrong with having a grand, sweeping back ground either, but usually they are difficult to role play up too, are forced for a time, then fade away. It's all up to you; your character's life is completely in your hands. Therein lies the freedom, and enjoyment, in Roleplaying. It may seem a bit intimidating, at first, but it's worth it.

To think like your character, we recommend a few things. As we've said before, make a character history. Second, learn the history of the realms. Not all information is on the web pages, ask some of the older hero's for stories. Third, learn about what your race is like in this game. This may seem like a lot, but you'll be amazed at how fast it gets after a little practice. The more IC you stay the easier it will be as well.

There are, of course, instances in which one must make an out of character statement. This is permitted, however every such statement should be proceeded by the abbreviation, 'OOC' (See help 'osay'). This prefix should be used rarely; people who wish to have entire discussions out of character should go to the 'OOC lounge,' by using the 'OOC' command. It should be noted that, while it is permissible to say or send out of character comments, it is against system policy to broadcast out of character (see 'Policies'). The rewards for Roleplaying are great; the penalties for breaking policy are equally, if conversely, grave. Please understand that these rules exist for the sake of our little world, and that of our players' overall enjoyment. They are not meant to daunt or dissuade, merely to guide. Roleplaying is at its best when all participate, and, we think you'll agree, it's well worth the effort.