Roleplaying your Stats

While you're playing in Nexus, it is important to keep in mind that RP is enforced and required as part of playing the game.   You are free to hunt as you see fit, but you should not engage discussion that would allude to items, or references that are part of our world and not part of the world of Altin.   The idea is to keep immersion for as long as possible. 

As part of this immersion your characters have stats that define them, these stats also define how they would act and reason in the world. 

The Well-Rounded Person:

The standard young villager in Nexus would look something like 10 Str, 10 Con, 10 Dex, 10 Int, 10 Piety.   These are your baseline basic stat lines.    Going through each stat: 

  • 10 Str: is the basic strength this person would have gotten just from walking about the world and performing day to day work.  They can lift boxes, but they aren't going to be killing any enemies in a single blow.  They could pick up their partner and swing them around, but they aren't going to lift a broken wagon out of a pothole in the road. 
  • 10 Con:  They are hardy from living in the world of Altin, life isn't easy, but they aren't resistant to all the hits, they don't have an excessive amount of health.  They aren't going to be holding their breath under water for 10 minutes, but they aren't going to be winded walking down the street.
  • 10 Dex:  They won't be tripping over themselves while they walk about the world, but they are also not going to slip into the shadows and sneak about the city killing everyone and taking their money. 
  • 10 Int:   They understand the basics of language and reasoning about the world.  They understand there is injustice in the day-to-day business... but it would be difficult for them to wrap their minds around the inner workings of the weave and how to put together complex spells.   Putting together a master mind puzzle and figuring out larger plots are not likely going to be their forte
  • 10 Piety:  The gods were active at one point; the average person knows this and accepts that the world didn't come into existence on its own.  But they aren't going to drop everything and dedicate their life into the pursuit of religion or religious knowledge.  Magic has been missing from the world for a long time, you believe in those higher powers but where they come from and what they are, are not super interesting to the average villager.

Now with those examples out of the way, most folks are min-maxing their characters.   This makes you great in combat, but it will have consequences in your RP.  You will be rewarded or penalized for how you RP your stats of your character and how immersive you are with that character.

Examples of Low Stats:

  • 5 Str:  If your partner ran and jumped into your arms you might not be able to catch them without falling over or significantly hurting yourself.
  • 5 Con: You might get winded running around; you might bruise easily and take on bruises if someone bumped into you.  Excessive touching might feel uncomfortable.
  • 5 Dex:  Dancing would be difficult for you, and you would not be graceful at all.  Sleight of hand tricks are definitely impossible and tripping frequently might be part of your life.
  • 5 Int:  Basic language is NOT available to you.  You might have trouble completing your words, the Lexicon you're working from is likely limited.  Reasoning and advanced strategy out of reach for you.  You might struggle with leadership and guidance to others. 
  • 5 Piety:  You do not super care about the Gods at all.  They haven't been around and to you there is no reason they might come back and be involved in your life.  Even if they do why would they care about you?  Why should you care about them?  They can care for themselves, and they are certainly not enriching your life.   In turn the Gods are unlikely to engage with you or respond to your prayers since you are not a believer.

Examples of High Stats:  Remember these stats are the things you are excelling at; you are DEDICATED to them.

  • 20 Str:  You can absolutely yank that broken wagon out of the pothole in the road.  You are strong beyond normal capabilities, and this comes from hard work, OUTSIDE of just hunting.  You are engaging in exercise frequently outside of combat and constantly challenging yourself.
  • 20 Con:  Exercise is applicable here as well.  You are dedicated to the cause; you have been exposed to hardships beyond what normal folks would and have subsequently become more resistant to day-to-day life.  You could probably hold your breath for a long time.  You could suffer burns longer, stay in inclement weather long without being burdened.
  • 20 Dex:  The finesse of a dancer!  Sleight of hand tricks are super easy, you move quickly, unseen, and quietly.   Avoiding detection, tripping, and deftly dodging are well within your ability. 
  • 20 Int:  You're brilliant!  You're quite the conversationalist, advanced mathematics, the working of spells is well within your grasp.
  • 20 Piety:  You are extremely devout.  You have dedicated your life to the pursuit of the Gods and perhaps even a singular God.  Your divinity would be noticed by the Gods and they will respond to your prayers.. maybe on their own time, but eventually. 

Engaging with GMs

It can be sometimes confusing how to engage with the input coming from GMs and how to respond and circulate messages that were received by you.   For instance if you receive a message that only comes to you,  you shouldn't Osay the text of that message to everyone.   The message was tailored for your character to interact with.  If you want to share it, you should roleplay out y our feelings and emotions in regard to those feelings.