Character Classes


You feel no pain in the red rage! The Barbarian of Nexus is brutality incarnate, doing unspeakable things to their enemies through liberal applications of brute force and blunt objects. The Barbarian’s premier ability is Berserk, allowing them to express their most feral impulses into the destruction of all those who stand against them. Although not as adept at tanking as Fighters, the Barbarian is still taught the requisite knowledge to comprehend Circling enemies and to maintain threat. Additionally, the Barbarian may attempt to bash their foes with a blunt weapon at the outset of an engagement, leaving them stunned and dealing damage.



Wandering the land, with their own purpose, bards often spend their lives in search of the arts and the sciences. They are clever and resourceful, the jack of all trades, but the master of none. Bards have the reputation of being skilled entertainers, and are often called upon to recount tales of heroics, legends, and any news they have heard in their travels. Bardic Magic is weaved through the Bard's Song to affect their environment. The Bard gains the ability to shape the magic of the realms through their instruments and singing. Much Bardic Magic has been rediscovered, and much more remains to be discovered for the truly steadfast and relentless wanderer.



A cleric is the most powerful of the classes in the arts of healing, and a critical component of any successful campaign. In addition to the ability to heal, the cleric can turn the undead, causing massive damage and potentially disintegrating them to ashes. Clerics can also achieve magical powers only bested by a mage, and in some cases can cast spells that even a mage cannot achieve. However, their offensive spell capabilities do not stretch beyond the lower tier spells - their strength lies in their curative abilities. Experience can be earned by healing other players under attack if the mob dies. However, you will have to attack with a weapon to level up any proficiency with those.



Proficiency. Discipline. Execution. All professions can learn to use their chosen instrument of destruction with adeptness, but none with more devastating effect than the Fighter of Nexus. The quintessential Master-at-Arms, the Fighter’s martial strength is tied inherently to their proficiency with their chosen weapon. Fighters output significant amounts of damage mainly by striking multiple times at higher weapon skill levels. The Fighter is capable of passively Parrying enemy attacks, and at higher levels can riposte for additional damage. Fighters are the premier tanks of Nexus, able to maintain high amounts of threat from enemies with skills such as hamstring and circle.



A master of the magic arts, Mages are the most devastating spell-casters in Nexus. Students of the weave, They martial their elemental skills in the same way Fighters do their weapon skills. What they lack in physical strength and constitution, Mages make up for in knowledge of the realm's magics. Generally preferring to hurl their spells from a distance while covering themselves in magical shields and resists. A Mage can teach low level spells to other players, once the mage has learned them. Mages can also enchant weapons to provide additional damage, which increases at higher Tiers.



The Monk is the master of self-discipline, channeling their inner strength called Chi to both cast spells and for physical feats. Monks prefer to fight with their bare hands and don't use weapons, their deadly hand-to-hand combat skills are enhanced by their Chi. They can attempt to cause grave damage to foes by focusing their Chi on a Touch of Death. Monks can also call upon their Chi to cast basic healing spells, as well as resists and other support spells once learned. They are able to hide, sneak, search, and pick locks, but not as well as Rangers or Thieves. The path of the monk is a hard one, but those few who choose it often experience inner peace.



The Paladin is a brave warrior of faith, stalwart in their defense of the Allied Races. A mix between a tank and a healer, the Paladin is proficient at both, but an expert at neither. The Paladin can Shield Slam their enemies, stunning them and generating a large amount of threat. Additionally, the Paladin may pray to any gods listening to raise their Piousness for a limited time to increase healing. The undead are an arch-enemy of Paladins, who can Turn them to try inflicting massive damage or potentially disintegrate them to ash. The Paladin can also enchant armor to provide additional protection, which increases at higher Tiers.



Stealthy and dexterous, the Nexus Ranger prefers to Snipe enemies from afar, ambushing from a hidden location and causing massive damage. They are able Haste, increasing the speed of their actions and movement for a time. The Ranger makes the shadows their ally, able to Hide and Sneak with enviable proficiency. They also excel at searching for hidden exits, monsters, and treasures. This makes Rangers one of the best scouting classes in all of Nexus, and an essential resource during quests. Parties without a Ranger can become helplessly lost, or ambushed.



Masters of the shadows and an offensive powerhouse, the Thief can Backstab foes with Sharp or Thrust weapons for massive damage. A Thief is a very valuable player in any group of adventurers, and in some cases necessary if a lock needs to be picked. Thieves can also Steal from some opponents as their namesake implies, but beware that mobs will protect their pockets fiercely. They are also adept at sneaking and searching for hidden exits, monsters, and treasures. This makes Thieves one of the best scouting classes in all of Nexus, and an essential resource during quests. Parties without a Thief can become helplessly lost, or ambushed.