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So you've got some gold to throw around? Been wondering just what money can buy in Nexus? Been to all the shops and can't find that extra special bag to make your character stand out? Well, my friend, it can be done... If you've got the gold marks.

Special bags can be commissioned from a GM, who will set their master craftsmen to the task. Currently only custom bags are available for purchase. We are planning to have a crafting system for players in the future for making Armor / Weapons.

Best of all, you get to choose the name and appearance of the bag! Please limit names to 20 characters, and descriptions to 75 charters. And it all comes with a guarantee! If you don't like it, you're guaranteed to not get your money back! Our craftsmen will give you exactly what you ordered, and not what you meant to order. Remember, the handiwork of the master craftsman isn't cheap.

Warning: Be sure you have your choices decided and the gold available before asking for it to be constructed. You don't want the master craftsmen sending their collection agents after you.



Containers                                            (gold):
Base Construction Cost:                        15,500

Per Item Capacity   (1-10)                500       

Per Item Capacity (11-20)              1,000     

Per Item Capacity (21-25)              1,500     

Per Item Capacity (26-30)              2,500      

Bonus Powers:

Weightless Bag                150,000


20 lbs.                                        0

18 lbs.                                 2,000

16 lbs.                                 4,000

14 lbs.                                 8,000

12 lbs.                               16,000

10 lbs.                               20,000

9 lbs.                                 30,000

8 lbs.                                 45,000

7 lbs.                                 75,000

6 lbs.                                 95,000

5 lbs.                               125,000



Bonecrusher wants a Bag of holding, able to carry 15 items weightlessly, and only weigh 7 lbs.


Using the table, this item will cost:          (gold):
Base Price                                        =   15,500

Item Capacity 1-10    (10 * 500)      =     5,000

Item Capacity 11-15  (5 * 1000)      =     5,000

Weight: 7 lbs.                                   =   75,000

Weightless Holding                          = 150,000


                                                       = 250,500


For a mere 250,500 gold, Bonecrusher gets his bag of holding that can carry 15 items inside weightlessly!  What a deal!



So, now, you ask, where can I get these wonderful bags? The answer is QUITE simple. Just PM a GM on Discord for a free estimate. Then give the go ahead, and you too can own an bag grand enough to make all your friends drool!


Oh, and one last thing. If you ever do run into Bonecrusher in a dark alley, I'd recommend running!