Emissaries - Old


Guidelines for Emissaries

Emissaries run the administrative aspects of a church. They are the voice of their Deity. They teach, train and are mentors for church members and they ensure the word of their Deity is heard throughout the realms. They also accept new followers into the fold, are responsible for his/her followers and are expected to discipline and/or banish those who don't behave. Being an emissary is a privilege and can be revoked by their Deity. Being an emissary is a position of trust from the Deity and that the Deity might well award a good emissary as well as punish a bad one to a much greater extent than an ordinary follower.

For the most part, emissaries are allowed to aid their church as they see fit within the guidelines of their Deity, however the following basic guidelines must be adhered to.

  1. As an emissary you must be visible and frequently in the realms. If you will be absent for a period of 2 weeks or longer you must notify your Deity as soon as possible, ensure your mail notice is updated. If an emissary is not active or missing within the realms for a period of 2 weeks or more without notice, the Deity has the right to remove said emissary from their position and / or appoint another emissary.
  2. One duty of the emissary is to be available for and attend all City Council meetings in an advisory capacity. Emissaries have no voting rights on Council matters. NB: This is currently through the nexuscouncil yahoogroups list. NBB: Emissaries of deities exiled from Nexus will not be invited to join City Council.
  3. You must be active in your role as emissary, recognizing that your first duty is to your Deity. Another duty is to the needs of your church members. You are their role model, their mentor and must act appropriately.
  4. As emissary you must have a notice with the Postmaster indicating how to reach you or if you will be away for a period of time, etc. NB: Currently modifications to notices must be sent via nexusmail to the Gamemaster liaison.



A Gamemaster liaison has been appointed for guildmasters and emissaries to have a single contact with the gamemasters. For example requests for items, church repairs/additions, etc would go through the liaison first to determine funds available. Regular church issues would still be sent to your Deity. See the wizlist in-game for the current contact.

A notice board can be put up in each church follower's area. Each individual emissary will determine its use and who can post to it. All postings will go through the emissary to the emissary liaison.

Emissaries are appointed by their Deity. Emissaries report to their Deity and their position can be revoked by their Deity.

Each church will get a bank account. Currently this will be a set amount per month. In the future, coding will be established to update accounts based on a percentage of tithes during said month. Donations to the church can also be transferred to these accounts via the Gamemaster liaison.