Banzai Falls Down Ravine


While fighting Winter Wolves, Banzai slips on a patch of ice and tumbles over the edge of the ravine. Muttering and grumbling loudly about the quality of her boots she berserks and returns to the battle saying she is fine and feels no pain from her injuries. Her companions watch her closely, not believing her as blood drips down her leg. After a short while she begins to grimace and limp and is forced by her companions to sit down so that Taringail might have a look at her leg ……

You say, "I'm fine"
You sigh.
You say, "it's a scratch ... legs always bleed alot"
Taringail says, "Banzai, please, sit down"
### Gryphon: make way for party with an injured Barbarian..
You say, "I'm not some namby pamby weak kneed female"
Taringail says, "Now, Banzai"
Ariel frowns.
Seoman says, "it's very unconvincing when you can't even stay with one excuse, Banzai"
Gryphon nods.
### Anterio: some to the square, she will be healed.
Banzai grimaces and sits down with a thud as berserk wears off.
Banzai mutters to herself.
Taringail asks, "Which leg has the 'scratch'?"
You say, "this one"
### Rheom: grphon painting a target? lets not let everyone know where the injured are coming and going
Banzai lifts it slightly and frowns with pain.
Gryphon picks up Banzai and puts her over his shoulder's holding her still despite her struggles.
You say, "bah"
You say, "I can walk"
Taringail says, "Careful, Gryphon, please"
Taringail says, "Put her down, I need to take a look"
You say, "sheesh"
### Gryphon: how about i come over there and rip your head off
### Rheom: nah my blood leaves an ugly smear
### Banzai: shut up all of you!
### Rheom: far beneath your artistic sense
Gryphon gently puts her down.
Gryphon says, "i carry her"
Banzai tries to scramble up.
Seoman says, "calm down, please, Gryphon, that doesn't help matters."
Taringail removes Banzais boots.
Taringail says, "Light"
You sigh.
Seoman puts a restraining hand gently on Banzai's shoulder.
You say, "it's cold ya know"
Naed casts a light spell.
Seoman casts resist-air on you.
### Gryphon: I could stick your foot in your mouth?
Gryphon cackles.
You snicker.
Naed snickers.
### Rheom: i have done that myself many times
You wink at Gryphon.
Taringail lays his hands over the wound, so no one sees.
### Rheom: gets dull
Taringail casts a heal spell on you.
Taringail frowns.
Taringail shakes his head.
Gryphon asks, "ready?"
Taringail says, "She needs to go to the Hand"
You say, "oh for tilnar's sake"
You ask, "for a scratch?"
Gryphon picks up Banzai and puts her over his shoulders, holding her still despite her struggles.
Taringail says, "It is more than a scratch"
Gryphon says, "i bigger than you"
Taringail says, "Careful, Gryphon"
Gryphon says, "so you shush woman"
Gryphon smiles.
You mutter.
Gryphon smiles.
You grumble.
You say, "this is ridiculous"

You're standing at the mouth of an immense and luxurious valley Stretching out around you. Tall, multicolored grasses and small Trees stretch as far as the eye can see, save for the near-perfect cut of the Mountain Road.

Obvious exits are north and east.
Ariel, Gryphon, Naed, Seoman and Taringail are also here.
You see a Traenol Centurion.
You see a mountain pass to the south.

Gryphon nods.
Taringail says, "I will prepare"
Taringail casts a teleport spell and disappears in a puff of smoke.
You ask, "prepare for what?"
Naed shrugs.
Seoman says, "you're going to have touble carrying her throught the pass"
You ask, "he's not gonna cut my leg off is he?"
Naed says, "he got a point"
Seoman says, "he better not"
Seoman says, "I like those legs"
Naed says, "i hope not"
Gryphon says, "no"
Seoman says, "everyone else go on ahead"
Gryphon says, "i take her through"
Naed says, "okay"
You say, "I can walk"
Seoman shoes the mages.
Gryphon says, "no"
Ariel just went to the mountain pass to the south.
Naed says, "hey hey"
Taringail group flashes#, "the Hand is prepared, please hurry".
Naed just went to the mountain pass to the south.
Gryphon says, "all go"
Seoman says, "I'll mark an easy path"
Seoman just went to the mountain pass to the south.
Gryphon just went to the mountain pass to the south.

You're standing within the main entranceway to the Healing Hand. You see many priests wandering about, ducking into one room, and then sprinting off into another. Many are dressed in the cerulean blue robes of the master healers, which commands considerable respect from all the Allied Races. Before you are two stoic templars, charged by the Light to defend the Healing Hand, as our last, best hope for survival during the Goblin Invasion.

Obvious exits are out.
Anterio, Ariel, Gryphon, Naed, Seoman and Taringail are also here.
You see Marik, Knight Templar of the Order, Taerin, Knight Templar of the Order.

Anterio arches an eyebrow questioningly.
Banzai looks around.
You exclaim, "put me down!"
Naed flashes#, "please don't bash my skull in but you should have the leg looked at at least it could be infected".
Dhamon asks, "What is going on?"
Gryphon careful puts banzai down on a cot.
Anterio sets about cleaning up.
You say, "nothing"
Seoman says, "Don't worry about it, Dhamon"
Taringail says, "On the cot, Gryohon"
Anterio says, " got water? I can heat it."
You say, "I get a little scratch and everyone goes bonkers"
Ariel sighs.
Gryphon says, "ahead of you leaf eater"
You ask, "water?"
Taringail says, "There is some in that room back there"
Seoman hands Anterio a water skin.
Gryphon winks at Taringail.
You say, "sheesh I'm not in labor"
Anterio nods.
Ariel says, "You're all making such a fuss about this."
Ariel bows before you.
You nod.
Ariel says, "She'll suffocate from all this attention."
Gryphon says, "tis a good thing"
Ariel says, "Just let Taringail look."
Gryphon says, "your insufferable now"
Ariel says, "It might be broken, might not."
You say, "look I'm fine .. let me go to Kalims .. a stiff drink and I'll be as good as new"
Gryphon says, "imagine if you were having a child"
You poke Gryphon.
You say, "shut up"
Banzai struggles to get up.
Anterio hands the heated water to the cleric.
Taringail says, "Down"
Anterio says, " relax."
Seoman whispers, "you be good now, let them take care of you.".
You say, "No"
Naed says, "trust em"
You say, "let me up"
Ariel smiles.
Taringail says, "Banzai, listen"
Banzai looks at Taringail frowning.
Gryphon says, "dont make me come down there"
Banzai looks up at Gryphon and glares.
Taringail says, "You have shattered the bones in your left leg."
You say, "bah"
Ariel nods at Taringail.
You say, "I've scratched it"
Gryphon says, "we love ya"
Ariel asks, "Will you splint it Taringail? Or let Marik do it?"
Ariel bows before Marik, Knight Templar of the Order.
Taringail says, "In addition, it has become infected very quickly"
Gryphon says, "thats why your here"
Naed flashes#, "after the healing i got an elixir if ya want it".
You say, "it has?"
Seoman says, "Banzai, you're smarter than that, stop being stuborn"
Banzai looks down at her leg.
Gryphon nods.
You say, "oh neat colors"
You say, "but.."
You say, "I'm fine"
Ariel gets some salve from her backpack.
Naed says, "i have to go"
Ariel gives some salve to Taringail.
Anterio gave a Milky Root to Taringail.
Naed leaves out.
Banzai struggles again to get up.
Taringail says, "Listen, the bacteria you have been infected by is very strong and very deadly"
Anterio asks, " that will help, but I must away lest you still need me?"
You say, "just ... let .. me ... up"
Anterio stunned you.
Anterio says, " have a seat."
You notice Ariel whispering to Taringail.
You growl.
You glare at Anterio.
Anterio says, " no offence, but this is necessary."
Gryphon helps restrain Banzai.
Gryphon says, "silly barb"
Anterio says, " you know I have the utmost respect for you and yours, that is why I do this."
Taringail says, "Salves help, but I am afraid this bacteria is too strong"
Anterio says, " burn it out then."
Banzai 's struggles subside but she continues to growl and mutter under her breath.
Ariel says, "Banzai. Listen to me for a moment."
Ariel says, "You need to be still."
Taringail prepared a blue potion.
Ariel says, "The bone's showing through the skin."
Ariel says, "Just lay back."
You say, "tis nothing"
Gryphon holds Banzai down gently but firmly.
Ariel says, "I know you hate it, but just stay still until its splinted"
Taringail says, "Banzai, please take a sip of this potion"
You say, "I'll be fine in the morning"
Anterio asks, " is my aid needed further?"
Seoman whispers, "let them take care of you and get if over with, then I'll buy you a good stiff drink at Kalim's, alright?".
You ask, "what is it?"
You whisper: "go get me one now" to Seoman.
Ariel says, "Yes, you probably will be. But if you don't behave now, you could lose that leg."
Taringail says, "It will help with the infection"
Banzai looks cautiously at the potion .. what is it?.
Seoman whispers, "will you be good?".
Taringail says, "Sip it."
You whisper: "of course not" to Seoman.
Gryphon nods to Anterio.
Anterio nods.
Anterio salutes briskly.
Gryphon says, "thanks friend"
Anterio says, " send me a report."
Gryphon smiles.
Taringail gives the potion to Banzai.
Gryphon nods.
You ask, "is there alcohol in it?"
Seoman whispers, "then you'll have to wait for the drink".
Anterio says, " I want to know why I had to stun a defender of the realms."
Taringail says, "No, its all natural"
You whisper: "bah" to Seoman.
Anterio nods.
Anterio leaves out.
You say, "bah"
Banzai sips the drink, gagging at the taste.
You say, "this is awful"
Taringail nods.
Gryphon says, "silly barb"
Gryphon says, "drinkit"
You glare at Gryphon.
Gryphon says, "or i make ya"
Gryphon winks at you.
You say, "you drink it"
Taringail takes the vile from her hand and lays it on the bedstand.
Ariel chuckles.
You say, "just ... let ... *yawn* ... me .........up"
Taringail nods.
Ariel smiles.
Taringail helps Banzai lay back.
Banzai tries to shake her head, "I'm sleepy, let me go home".
Gryphon shakes his head.
Gryphon says, "no"
Gryphon says, "you stay here till your a bit better"
You yawn.
Seoman whispers softly into Banzai's ear.
Gryphon says, "was like a 50 ft fall"
You say, "I'm ..... *yawn* ... fine"
Ariel says quietly, to Taringail "The infection's spreading Taringail. What will you use on it?".
Seoman whispers, "just close your eyes for a minute".
Taringail turns his head to the others when he sees Banzai drift off.
Ariel nods.
Gryphon nods.
Taringail says, "Alright"
Banzai 's eyes flutter closed.
Taringail says, "I have seen this type of bacteria only once, and it was fatal"
Taringail says, "There is no cure for it"
Ariel frowns.
Taringail says, "Luckily, it started near her feet"
Seoman whispers urgently, "There's got to be something we can do.".
Gryphon asks, "nectratizing Faecietis?"
Ariel asks, "Will you open the wound and clean it out?"
Taringail says, "Listen"
Ariel nods.
Taringail begins cleaning the wound while he talks.
Banzai shifts slightly in the bed.
Taringail says, "We also cannot set the bones in her leg. She will require surgery"
Treon just arrived.
Ariel takes the used clothes from Taringail and drops them in a bucket at her feet, to be disposed of later.
Treon bows.
Gryphon loks concerned ..his mask of Bravado gone, now that Banzai is asleep.
Ariel bows before Taringail.
Banzai mutters quietly in her drugged sleep.
Taringail cringes when Banzai moves in her sleep, for he heard a loud cracking noise.
Ariel rolls up her sleeves and washes her hands and arms in the hot water.
Taringail takes leather straps from beneath the cot.
Ariel nods.
Taringail attaches the straps to the bed, then ties Banzai in place.
Seoman continues to talk quietly, "Is there anything you need me to do?".
Ariel gently wipes Banzai's hot face with a cool cloth.
Ariel says, "She's got some fever, Taringail."
Seoman says, "please tell me there is something that can at least help her fight this thing"
Gryphon asks, "were not gonna have to amputate are we?"
Taringail says, "Yes, Seoman. I need you to tie this around the top of her leg, very near the waist"
Banzai grimaces and wakes slightly, "damn it that hurts".
Taringail gives Seoman a thick piece of cloth.
Treon asks sofly "What happened?".
Ariel says, "Gryph, hold Banzai's arms, don't let her move"
Taringail says, "We may, Gryphon"
Ariel says, "Drugged as she is, she'll probably feel this."
Gryphon leans down and holds Banzais Arms.
Gryphon cries.
Seoman takes the strap and ties it as indicated with his best woodland knot.
Banzai jerks her head, "Xavier?".
Taringail begins examining the wound.
Gryphon says, "wait taringail"
Banzai flinches.
Gryphon says, "hold on a sec"
Ariel says, "Hold her Gryph. Don't let her move."
Seoman whispers quietly in Banzai's ear, "Rest easy.".
Gryphon says, "call to her god"
Xavier temporarily sees through your eyes.
Gryphon says, "get xavier here"
Seoman says, "I am already"
Ariel tenderly wipes Banzai's face withthe cloth, pushing her hair back from her eyes.
Gryphon says, "before you do anything rash"
Banzai moves her head from side to side, muttering nonsense.
Xavier just arrived.
Taringail winces, kneeling before the wound and getting his first real look at it.
Xavier asks, "Where is she?"
Gryphon nods.
Seoman says, "on the cot, there"
Gryphon says, "right here"
Ariel hugs Xavier.
Xavier runs over to the cot.
Ariel says, "Be calm Xavier. We need you to be calm."
Ariel says, "She's been given a drug. She's fairly out of it at the moment."
### Gryphon: we have a sick barbarian here..pray for her
Taringail takes out a thin knife.
Seoman says, "She's asleep and has a bad infection"
Xavier sighs.
Xavier puts his hand on Banzai.
Treon is shocked that Banzai could get hurt after all the dragons she has slain.
Ariel says, "Gryph, hold her tightly now."
Banzai moans quietly on the cot.
Gryphon holds her very firmly.
Taringail lowers the knife to Banzais lower leg.
Gryphon grimaces.
Ariel says, "shhh Banzai, shhh now"
Xavier whispers a silent prayer to Tilnar, a tear forming in his eye.
Taringail slices a thin cut where the infection seems worse.
Banzai flinches again and growls.
Gryphon the expert fighter turns green at the sight.
Ariel winces as Banzai moves under the knife.
Taringail pushes on the wound, forcing it to bleed.
Banzai lets out a cry of pain.
You notice Seoman whispering to Taringail.
Taringail says, "Come on.."
Gryphon holds banzai firmly but gently as he whispers comfort into her ear.
Xavier tries to keep his composure.
Ariel quickly wipes away the infection released so far.
Taringail says, "This bacteria does not respond to common healing magics"
Taringail says, "It must be done the old fashion way"
Banzai mutters, "for Tilnar's sake! what are you doing to me?".
Treon ponders.
Taringail quickly dips a siringe into the blue potion.
Banzai turns her head, "Xavier? Is that you?".
Ariel takes another clean cloth and continues to stand beside Taringail, gently cleaning the wound.
Xavier says, "I am here Banzai"
Taringail injects the potion into Banzais arm all in one fluid movement.
Taringail says, "Sleep now, dear Banzai"
Banzai squeezes Xavier's hand and screams loudly.
Xavier bends down and whispers in Banzai's ear.
Xavier whispers, "I am here Banzai, I am always here.".
Banzai 's head falls to one side and she goes limp.
Ariel holds her breath, waiting for the potion to take effect.
Ariel nods.
Taringail says, "Ariel, see that dark red potion over there? I need it"
Xavier looks on in a state of shock.
Treon wonders how Banzai got hurt.
Ariel nods.
Gryphon hugs Xavier.
Ariel turns, reaching for the potion and hands it to Taringail.
Taringail nods.
Taringail pours the potion over the exposed bacteria, which begins sizzling.
Xavier strokes her hair, mumbling something quietly.
Gryphon grimaces.
Seoman steps back with a worried expression on his face, not seeing anything he can do to help.
Ariel whispers, "She fell, Treon. About 50 feet or so. We were fighting winter wolves and she stumbled".
Banzai eyelid's flutter, the only visible sign of her pain.
Gryphon says, "i not able to fight things like that"
Taringail says, "Alright, Gryphon, get ready"
Ariel sooths Banzai, watching her eyes close.
Gryphon nods.
Ariel nods.
Taringail says, "Hold firm"
Gryphon braces ands holds banzai as good as he can.
Ariel looks at Taringail and nods.
Seoman helps hold Banzai as well.
Gryphon nods to Seoman.
Xavier wipes the tears from his face, and whispers another prayer.
Taringail begins to push his finger into the open cut.
Treon prays.
Ariel lays her hand on Banzai's leg, just above the knee, holding her leg firmly.
Taringail says, "A piece of bone is pushed back..."
Ariel nods.
Ariel says, "Too far to knit through normal healing? "
Taringail says, "Very"
Ariel sighs softly.
Taringail pushes his finger in more, then nods. "There is it.".
Taringail pulls the cut open wider.
Banzai jerks slightly.
Ariel says, "shhh"
Ariel looks warningly at Gryphon.
Ariel says, "Hold her! "
Gryphon has a firm hold.
Taringail says, "This is whats going to hurt. I need to pull it back"
Gryphon says, "she aint moving"
Xavier whispers, "I am here Banzai, as is our Lord".
Ariel continues to exert pressure on Banzai's leg, keeping it still.
Taringail asks, "Ready?"
Gryphon asks, "could you?"
Ariel nods.
Seoman turns his head away from what Taringail is doing, but continues to hold Banzai.
Ariel says, "Ready, Taringail"
Gryphon grimaces.
Taringail puts a thin, curved wire into the open wound.
Ariel lays both her hands on Banzai's leg.
Taringail begins turning the wire in small circles.
Taringail says, "Come on... where are you..."
Ariel holds her breath.
Banzai flinches and mutters.
Gryphon looks at Banzai with concern in his eys as he continues to hold her firm.
Taringail stops turning the wire. "There... now...".
Treon is careful to keep a neutral expression.
Xavier rubs his signet, looking down at Banzai.
Taringail makes a quick jerk of his hands. You hear a loud cracking noise, followed by a pop.
Ariel gasps, releasing her quickly.
Banzai jerks her eyes open, full of pain and confusion, and yells out.
Ariel says, "Sorry have to leave"
Gryphon says, "dont"
Ariel sighs.
Gryphon says, "seo"
Ariel frowns.
Gryphon says, "hold it down"
Ariel says, "Hold her leg"
Xavier whispers, "Be strong Banzai".
Ariel says, "Don't let it move, whatever you do."
Seoman moves to Ariel's place holding Banzai's leg firmly..
Taringail quickly covers a rush of blood with a rag.
Banzai mutters, "god damnit it, I'm fine, leave me be".
Ariel wipes a tear from her eye as she leaves.
Xavier whispers, "Be calm Banzai".
Treon takes Seoman's old place to help hold Ban.
Taringail injects Banzai with the blue potion.
Taringail says, "You are fine, Banzai. Sleep"
Gryphon asks, "she gonna be ok Tar?"
Banzai tries to glare at Taringail as she drifts of again, her eyes full of pain.
Taringail says, "Seoman, there is some thread and a needle by you there. Get it for me, please"
Atala says, "sorry to bother ye fine people, but do you happen to have 65k that i can borrow, i will pay back within a week"
Gryphon says, "not right now please"
Atala nods.
Treon says, "Leave us be please"
Atala leaves out.
Gryphon looks angry.
Seoman continues to hold Banzai's leg with one hand and retrieves the thread and needle with the other, handing them to Taringail.
Xavier curses under his breath.
Taringail ties the thread to the needle and begins to stich the wound.
Taringail finished stitching.
Taringail says, "Alright, the worse of the broken bone it finished"
Seoman asks, "and the infection?"
Taringail says, "I am afraid there is nothing we can do but wait for the bacteria. I drained most of it, but she will need to fight it herself"
Taringail says, "This is one of the worse bacterias known to us"
Treon says, "Is it possible to use blood magic like what is used for the shield? I would gladly give her some of my life energy"
Banzai tosses lightly in the cot, muttering..
Taringail says, "There is no known magic to cure this. In fact, removing the bacteria magically influences it to spread"
Seoman frowns slightly.
Gryphon says, "how close is she to death"
Treon ponders.
Seoman asks, "Is there something more mundane that can help her?"
Treon asks, "How about leeches?"
Taringail says, "Her chances of dying are lessened now"
Gryphon nods.
Taringail says, "Our best bet is the creams and liquids used for the other infections"
Banzai thrashes on the cot.
Gryphon holds her firm.
Xavier tries to soothe Banzai.
Gryphon exclaims, "easy there Girl!"
Taringail says, "Hold her down. I cannot give her any more sleep inducers"
Seoman asks, "We should cool her, yes?"
Treon holds Ban down as much as he can.
Taringail opens a small box next the cot, and takes out a variety of creams.
Banzai mutters, 'dog mice'.
Taringail says, "She needs to be warmed, actually"
Seoman says, "she's already burning up"
Banzai mutters, "ale pies belong to winter".
Taringail says, "Don't let her sweat fool you"
Xavier sighs.
Seoman says, "as you say"
Xavier grabs Taringail's arm.
Taringail says, "Internally, the case is much different"
Xavier says, "Take care of her for me"
Taringail says, "It will be done"
Seoman lays a cloak across Banzai.
Taringail finishes applying the creams.
Xavier whispers, "I'm sorry, I must go for awhile. Please be strong".
Banzai thrashes, "my leg hurts!".
Taringail begins to mix a potion in a small vial.
Xavier whispers a prayer, and vanishes.
Gryphon holds her still.
Gryphon says, "hold that leg"
Taringail fills a siringe with the new potion, which appears to be flowing soft yellow.
Taringail injects the potion into her leg.
Taringail says, "That should neutralize the bacteria"
Taringail says, "And greatly increase her chances of survival"
Banzai goes limp on the bed again.
Gryphon thinks Taringail should get a patent on that medical kit.
Taringail wraps her left leg in long, white bandages.
Gryphon winks at Seoman.
Taringail says, "Now, all we can do it wait"
Taringail says, "Let us take her to her Temple, in that the Priest there can apply her medicine tonight"
Gryphon nods.
Treon says, "Did any thing get into the wound? Like the wolf blood, ect"
Taringail says, "You may carry her, Gryphon"
Gryphon carefully cradles her in his arms, extremely careful of the leg.

You stand within the main area of worship in the Cathedral of Twilight. Hundred of pews lead to a raised platform upon which an immense gilded altar lay. Around the Cathedral are the symbols of Magic, Justice, Knowledge, Mercy, Thievery and Death are spaced evenly around the circular room, each one in a different gemstone. Emblazoned on the altar is the Sigil of Twilight, combining each of the other symbols into one. The symbol of Love, and a statue of Dilanis is in an alcove behind the altar.

Obvious exits are north and staircase.
Gryphon and Taringail are also here.
You see The Altar of Twilight.

Taringail unfolds the cot and lays it down.
Gryphon asks, "here?"
Taringail nods.
Taringail says, "I will see you when you wake up, Banzai"
Gryphon careful sets his good friend down, careful of her leg.
Gryphon kisses you.
Taringail tells a Priest nearby, "Don't let her get up when she wakes up".
Gryphon says, "sleep well pet"
Banzai remains limp.
Gryphon hugs Taringail.
Taringail nods.
Taringail raises a glowing Ring of Hope towards Banzai.
Taringail blesses you...
You feel mystical energies filling your being.
Gryphon loses you.
Taringail nods.
Treon just arrived.
Gryphon asks, "she be ok here?"
Taringail says, "Let us let her rest for now"
Gryphon nods.
Gryphon leaves north.
Taringail leaves north.