Kalishar Casts Town Barrier

Having succesfully invaded the goblin camp earlier that night, and fresh from the success of that mission, Kalishar was talking to the Lord of Chaos about a question that had plagued him since earlier that evening, suddently, the magical weave surrounding the Nexus was ripped apart, and Kalishar knew that another arch-mage had died. Lord Fariol, leader of the Mages Guild had died two nights previous while trying to cast a mysterious spell, and now it seemed that another had died under the same circumstances. A short while later, Ralan himself a Mage of the Red Robe, was mana-burned trying to cast the same spell. Suddenly, Icedragon called for Autumnfire and Kalishar to come to Town Square as an apprentice was seeking them.

When Kalishar got to Town Hall, the fighters were off at the East Gates defending the town against a white dragon. The apprentice, glad to see Autumnfire and Kalishar gave the book to Kalishar, who recognized it as the Tome of Magic they had returned to town when they had cleared out the University. Briefly looking through the tome, Kalishar and Autumnfire agreed to a joint research effort, in order to be able to cast the spell safely. Suddenly, three specks appeared on the horizon, as they grew larger and closer, they became visible for what they were, large dragons, of varying colours.

Realizing that they did not have the time to research the spell properly, Kalishar decided to cast the spell himself. Carefully studying the bood, he realized that if he were successful, the magical barrier surrounding the Nexus would be restored, if he failed, the best result he could hope for would be clean death, like that of Fariol. Deciding he could not ask others to take that risk, he asked those people in town centre to wish him the best of luck, taking one long last look around, Kalishar began to prepare to cast the spell.

As he cast the spell, Autumnfire could follow the basics of what he was doing, but gradually the complexity of it overwhelmed her, and she began to pray to all the Gods that Kalishar survive what he as attempting to do. Gradually, the power built up around Kalishar, the magic that he had trained so long to understand and wield with respect surrounded him in an almost visible cloak. As the magic grew in power, Kalishar realized that something was going wrong, the magic was turning inwards, and not focussed on the goal he envisioned for it, slowly Kalishar became manabured, his mind destroyed by the power of the spell he was attempting. Using the last of his power, Kalishar forced the magic to obey him, unaware that people watching him were cyring at the obvious pain he was in, and other mages already counted his attempt a failure. Gradually, the mana started to turn it's way outwards, and as the violet flames surrounding Kalishar leapt to the sky, they began to form a dome over the city.

With one final effort, Kalishar managed to set the spell in place, just in time to bounce a red dragon off, who was swooping in to pick up some easy villagers for a snack. Collapsing under the strain of the spell, his mind almost totally destroyed, Kalishar fell to the ground in what appeared to be almost total shock and exhaustion. Unaware for the most part of the celebrating happening all over Nexus, the only sign that Kalishar was still alive was when he tried to cast a vigor spell on himself. He was unable to. Kalishar had been able to cast that spell since he was a child, the first sign he was a mage, now he could no longer cast it. The ability had left him to focus the magic. Trying to sit up on his own, still oblivious to the goings on around him, Kalishar simply stated "I am no longer the mage I was." When the others heard this, they stopped in horror, the mages in the room stunned at what they did not sense from Kalishar anymore. His aura of magic was gone, not totally, but enough to stop his functioning as a mage for the rest of his life. Kalishar sobbed as he tried to send out his farewells, realizing that the spell had cost him even that basic ability. Lord Tilnar warmed Kalishar and told him to send out whatever he had to say, for Tilnar was supporting him in that action. Announcing his retirement from adventuring, Kalishar pleaded with those around him to let him go, his decision was made. How could a mana-less mage function he reasoned, the only ones who understood were the other mages, no other group is so dependant on their magic. Looking at Lord Tilnar, Kalishar simply said, "My mana is almost completely gone, there is no point in continuing to adventure."

Announcing his displeasure at this situation, Tilnar announced that he could restore Kalishar, and took him away to a quiet room where Kalishar re-lived his life up to that point, and realized the mistake he had made in casting the spell. Successfully casting the spell this time around, Kalishar regained his mana. In honor of this accomplishment, and to note the thanks of the deities, Lord Tilnar made a gift of a boon to the now restored mage.

Accepting the thanks of those nearby, Kalishar decided to hold onto the boon until such time as a worthy use for it would be found. He decided not to use the boon for personal gain, or to gain the title of Leader of the Mages guild. When asked later on that night, how he thought he had survived when so many other, more powerful mages had failed, Kalishar's only response was, "It helps to have good people around who are supporting you, and the chaotic protection spell that Lord Novind cast made a great difference.