A Reply from Lathet

Said Aeruk to the dwarven bard,
I don't think that you work hard.
You must raise a hand and slay
Work with weapons day by day

It's time for you to prove your worth
Time for bards to accept the truth
Singing, dancing, doing plays,
Telling stories, they're not the way.

Unlike you, I do not fear
To carry weapons 'gainst the Hoarde
I'll use dagger, sling and spear
My spells back up my sword!

Replied she to the reni mage
I'm still of use up on the stage
For all my actions there's a reason
How dare you imply treason?

In our ranks, morale is falling
More give up all the time
I say, enough with stalling
It's time to draw the line!

Weighed down by mistakes they can't abide
Spirits swallowed by the shame,
Pushed to the brink, they suicide.
They fade, their souls by Void claimed.

Every week we see another one
The times, they've gotten tough;
How can you say it's not enough?