The Book of Riddles - Old


Found in Aalynor's Temple:

You examine the portal of light. It's a large glowing portal of blue-green light. It stands as tall as a Stone Giant and as wide as the double doors into the Temple of Aalynor. As you examine the swirling vortex, you grow dizzy, and familiar words whisper in your mind:

  • Before my birth I had a name, But soon as born, I changed the same; And when I'm laid within the tomb, I shall my father's name assume. I change my name three days together, Yet live but one in any weather.


You examine the exit from the labrynth. Hidden behind the ivy covering the walls, you find a smooth blue slab of stone in place of the regular granite walls which cover the rest of the labyrnth.

  • I am just two and two, I am warm, I am cold, And the parent of numbers that cannot be told. I am lawful, unlawful -- a duty, a fault, I am often sold dear, good for nothing when bought; An extraordinary boon, and a matter of course, And yielded with pleasure when taken by force.


You examine strange markings on the wall here. The markings are completely foreign and unintelligble to you, although you get the feeling at the back of your mind that they could be translated and are in fact an incantation of sorts:

  • "questioN untO Lumini Ferric knoW Roses invitE lovE Ov The resT"


From the Jungle Temple:

You examine the Old Scroll.

  • At first glance does one shy. But soon the art attracts the eye. Strength surpasses that of steel. And skillful beauty obtains a meal.
From Falcion:

You examine the carving on the deck.

  • Tired of sitting home all day. The fee's of travel are beyond my means. Therefore I've decided to...