Nexus Council & Guild Notices

The Council Notice #1

The following Proclamation has been made by the Guild Council of Nexus:

Wartime Statement to the Citizens of the realms:

We stand in a time of siege, all citizens must be prepared to give their all to the war effort. Producers of goods, and every able-bodied person must stand unified, forgetting petty squabbles in light of Nexus' need. The recent attacks on the city have been severe. We must stand firm with all of our resources if we are to win our survival now. The threats, both subtle and military from Kyorl and the Hoard, who are now, at least partially allied, must be paid constant attention. Remain calm, act without malice or hatred, for those feed the enemy. You are called upon to obey the laws, aid the militia at every opportunity, and respond in an organized fashion the challenges that now face us.

Statement of resolutions passed by the Town Council:

These are statements put into law by a meeting of the Town Council; they are effective immediately. The resolutions listed below are not meant as punishment for anyone, they are meant to improve our chances of survival during wartime, and to provide security for loyal citizens.

  1. Equal protection for citizens, regardless of class; acts of mayhem.

It shall be a crime to steal from or attack citizens of the realms, regardless of their social status. All citizens shall enjoy equal protection in this matter.

During times of war this crime shall be considered treasonous, as it profits the general disorder by inciting mayhem, and punished by summary banishment. Heroes and citizens requested to desist from such actions must by law comply.

During times of relative peace, this offense is prosecutable and may be tried by a Sentinel.

  1. Thieves

Due to the inability of the Thieves' Guild to maintain an orderly relationship with the populace, it and its constituents are no longer welcome within the City walls. Thieves are hereby exiled, and prohibited from entering the city of Nexus. The Council notes the heroic contributions of certain members of this guild, and encourages its proper and expeditious reformation. Should the guild re-form, and demonstrate cohesion, the Council will consider a petition for re-admittance.

Individual Thieves may request sanctuary with another guild, and with the approval of 3 council members, inclusive of the Guildmaster of the guild in question, be readmitted. Trainees arriving from Falcion have the same option.

  1. Followers of Kyorl exiled

We will not tolerate followers of Kyorl within Nexus. All followers are hereby banished, never to return to the city, even should they lose their mark, or be marked false. No edifice dedicated to Kyorl shall stand within the walls. Followers of Kyorl entering the city will be slain on sight.

  1. Exile

In all cases the penalty for breaking exile is death. Those exiled may not enter the city for any reason, else lose their life. A list shall be maintained of the names of those exiled, date and charge for purposes of record keeping and possible review. Should someone be charged with breaking exile, they will be arrested and tried.

  1. Daily Scouting

Scouting shall be conducted daily along known Western and Eastern paths to keep us informed of enemy movements. Guildmasters are responsible for coordinating this.

The Council Notice #2

We of the Council have decided that the crisis that led to the need for thieves to be issued with passes in order to walk the streets of Nexus has passed as has the need for these passes.  Those that train as thieves are again as free as any other to walk the streets of Nexus.  This however does not excuse those who broke the now overturned edict.  Also, the Council's stand on Kyorlites has not altered.  They remain banished from our walls.

Nexus Council

The Council Notice #3

The exile of the Thieves from Nexus and their guildless return to the City has placed a great deal of strain on all of our Citizens. It has always been the hope of this body that the Thieves' Guild would one day return to the fold. We hope that the time away has allowed them the opportunity to rethink their position and role within our society and has made them open to the kind of change and restructuring that must occur in order for harmony to exist. The Thieves have made significant progress towards this goal since last they stood before this Council.  This document seeks to set forth in writing both the spirit and letter of the Thieves' return. As such, it has four main sections:

I. Thieves and Nexus Society; II. Thieves and the Law; III. The Thieves' Guild and the Council; IV. The Thief Guild Hall

I.  Thieves and Nexus Society

It is the expressed desire of the Thieves to find a unique niche in which to lend their services to the City and her cause while at the same time receiving her protection. They view themselves as urban rangers, solitary and moving in the shadows of the mortared forests, seeking to apply their skills to the greater good.

The Thieves hope to once again be accepted amongst the Citizens of Nexus. They understand, accept, and can move beyond the kinds of discrimination and stereotyping that those who choose their profession will often be faced with. In order to avoid confrontation, they prefer to operate from the shadows where their skills can be put to the most use.

The Nexus City Council is the governing body of this City. The Thieves understand the course of events that lead to the current situation and have moved to address the concerns raised by this body. Their main goal is now one of collaboration and cooperation.

The Sentinels are the enforcers of Nexus Law and are perceived as such.  Those who have committed no crime should have no cause for fear or enmity. Hence, the new Thieves' Guild will work with the system rather then against it.

II.  Thieves and the Law

It is the responsibility of the Sentinels to enforce Tilnar's Word of Justice, but it must be the Master of Thieves' responsibility to see that these offending thieves do not mar the true Guild. The Laws of Nexus and the proclamations of this Council must be respected.  Those that do not do so will face the Thieves' Justice that must be swift and efficient, though not hasty or rash. We must draw a line between the Thieves of Nexus (the Guild) and those rogues that hold no alliances, so that history does not repeat itself. To clarify, if any thief of the Guild of Nexus steals, murders, or assaults a Citizen of Nexus or an Ally of Nexus or commits a treasonous act, they will not only face the Sentinels, but the Thieves' Justice as well. They will be judged by at least two senior members of the Guild - at least one of whom must be the Master of Thieves. The Master of Thieves will have the final say in the decision with the others there to observe and offer council. Punishments will range from fines levied (varying upon the severity of the crime) to banishment from the Guild.

Banishment is a serious punishment for a serious offense. The Thieves' Guild must work to separate its official members from those rogues who think only of themselves.  To this end, the Master of Thieves shall be bestowed the power to banish guild members from the Nexus Guild, as other Guildmasters are able. Those thieves who show that they would place their own desires above the well being of Nexus, those thieves that actively work against the cause of the City, shall be cast out - marked as rogues as surely as their actions speak it. This banishment may be reviewed after no less than one year's time, barring some extraordinary actions on the part of the banished.

Finally, the power of the Master of the Thieves will henceforth be kept in check by his guild lest he or she harm the entire group with their actions. The Master of Thieves shall be held to the same standards as other thieves, if not higher, so that if they too places their own goals above those of the Guild and the City, they may be replaced by their guildmembers.  The Master of Thieves must not be allowed to bring ruin to their guild through their own actions.

III.  The Thieves Guild and the Council

For a period of one year marked by the official passing of this document, the Thieves' representative will serve in an advisory, non-voting role on the Nexus City Council. This position will be identical in nature and influence to the ones currently held by the representatives of the Nexus Churches. At the end of this probationary period, the situation shall be reviewed with the aim of returning full voting power to the Thieves' Guild.

IV.  The Thief Guild Hall

The Thieves' Guild does not wish to rebuild the old guild and hence do not wish to rebuild the old guild house. As such, they plan to build a new Guildhall on a new location within the city walls.

The Nexus Council

On this day, the Thirteenth of Torrents in the 1,229th Year of the Empire

The Barbarian Notice

            Rules and Regulations of the Guild

  1. A scribe will be available to teach those of you who don't know the Rules and Regulations of the Guild and of Nexus.
  2. Any Barbarian found using their guild powers to the detriment of the Guild or Nexus will be punished severely.
  3. Druids are off limits to all Barbarians.
  4. If Guildmaster is acting against the will of the Guild, a vote of no-confidence may be called.  If more than half of the guild lack confidence in the leader, a new election shall be held.
  5. The guild chests are for your benefit.  If you take an item from them, you have one week to place another item of like use in the chest.  Any caught stealing from the guild by using these chests for personal gain shall face the full wrath of the guild.

The Notice in the Thieves Corner

The Council of the Sovereign City of All Races has given its recognition to the new Thieves' Guild of Nexus. As such it is important for all Guild members, apprentices and graduates to recognize the privileges endowed and the responsibilities borne. All Guild thieves will respect and obey the laws of the City or face not only the judgement of the Sentinels of the Realms, but also the Thieves' Justice. It shall be swift and efficient, in an effort to prevent a select corrupt few from sullying the entire Guild.


Sirendele Olath'sol
Voice of the Guild of Shadows

The Attraction Notice

Mistakes are often made, in the line of war. Situations change, and what once seemed simply a harmless effect, becomes a dire result. Ignorance often causes these mistakes to go unnoticed for a long while. We refuse to acknowledge these mistakes, because we are stubborn, and cannot accept that we would make them.

When the spell attraction was designed, the sprite people had not joined with the allied races. We thought very little of them, other than their being cute little inferior people. But the times have changed, and many sprites now stand within the ranks of Nexus, aiding in the battles we fight. As such, the way this spell is used is to change.

We are not the goblins, and yet, there are those among us who think nothing of the sprites that are conjured up to serve this spell, and will slaughter them needlessly, should they refuse to do the bidding of the caster. They hide behind excuses when confronted, claiming the sprite should have simple acted as a slave, or that the sprites were illusions, and not real. All these lies, simply because people refused to walk away from the creature's anger, until it calmed, and left.

Hence forth, any member of the Tower who casts an attraction spell, is fully responsible for the life of the sprite they are conjuring. If those they choose to fight beside do not care for this creature's life, that mage will suffer serious penalties from the Tower, for endangering that life. I would openly invite the other Guilds in Nexus to beging enforcing similar penalties on those within their control that conjure this spell.

In her own hand,
Thelia, Towermistress

To date, the Churches of Aalynor, Tilnar, DIlanis, Erisar, Paelina, and Andaras, have agreed to enforce similar rules upon their members, along with the Ranger's Guild.

The Guide to Mages Robes

The following indicates the order of official robes sanctioned by the Mage's Guild.  Depending upon your level of skill within the Art, you may wear the following robes...  Other, non official robes are known to exists, however, their magic may interfere with the magic of lesser magi, preventing their use.

Official Robe
Max. Armour

Despite the ability to wear other robes, Guild Members are reminded to wear the official colours at all times, for easy identification by other ranking guildmembers....  It is against the rules to impersonate a mage of a Higher Order, this offense punishable by being cast out of the Guild, and being manaburned.

The Notice of Sponsorship

The Sponsorhip systems exist for a reason.  It is important that each young mage that you sponsor understand the responsibility that Tower membership entails.  This is not an issue to be taken lightly.  Because of the great power that a mage's connection to the weave provides them, wisdom and understanding must be present in the individual who wishes to advance.  It is not my place to tell you the questions that you must ask.  It is just as, if not more, important that you who would sponsor know the kind of questions to ask on your own as it is for the young mage to answer those questions. I would simply remind you to not take the task lightly.  Your decisions effect the entire Tower.

Tif'eret, Magus-Senatus

The Notice of the Social Weave

The relationship between the Tower, the Weave, the City, and the individual mage is often overlooked.  The land on which the current City of Nexus is built has long been a center of activity both in social and magical terms.  Following the God's War and the destruction of the Old City, the Tower was built and the New Nexus grew around it.  There is a reason for this.  The Tower serves as an antenna for the weave, a focus of magical powers just as the City now serves as a center for the Allied Races.  These three entities: The Tower, The Weave, and the City, are therefore inexorably linked.  And of course, the mage is likewise connected to each of the three.  For this reason, each of your actions has repurcussions. Just as there is a magical weave, there is a social weave.  When you act, you create a ripple in that weave that can easily turn into a crashing wave.  Act accordingly.  The power afforded the mage can be great and with that power comes great responsibility.  It is not the job of the Tower to tell you how to act.  This is meant to be a rather solitary process filled with hardship.  Some may fail.  This does not mean that if you have a question it will not be answered.  We want you to ask.  We encourage it. Asking means that you are thinking on your own, not simply being told. The process of asking is often more important then learning the answer.  Each mage must grow in wisdom just as their connection to the weave grows.

Tif'eret, Magus-Senatus

The Polymorph Proclemation

*A gold lined parchment with silver lettering.*

The polymorph spell is now on ban from the use of any mage.  They are not to cast it in any form, from devices, wands, or invocation.  They are also to not go on poly hunts outside of the designated shake for such found in Nexus.  Any mage found guilty of such shall severally penalized, if such occurrences keep happening they shall be subsequently cast out.

The polymorph spell has been found to kill to many innocent bystanders in its use.  The recent incident on Rymak is only a all to real reminder of how it can kill those not in the group.  Another fact that is not taken into account is when polying outside the group tends to clear on things they do not with to take down.  Leaving the monsters to wonder the area.  As Thelia stated in her post clarifying the poly spell, the polyed creature eventually aligns itself with its new form, and has the skills of such.  This in itself is a danger to nearby innocents.  The Tower will not promote the use of poly spell when it posses such risk to others not involved.

This verdict shall stand until Either, Thelia, myself, or the council agrees upon with a unanimous vote on a safe use of the poly spell.  If such a usage is agreed upon, then the guild shall adopt such.Until then, the Polymorph spell is banned in any use by the guild.

Zanifics Rainbowleaf, The Rainbow Wizard.