From the History Books

Documents restored from the grave and from lots of peoples effort to find everything Nexus. Please keep in mind that these documents may not be relevant to current in game lore. This is all saved information from the archive.

Historical Archives of Altin

Text related to the ancient history of Aalynors Nexus & the world of Altin. Creation from the Voi...

Gods & Religion

Texts related specifically to the Gods and Religions filling the world of Aalynor's Nexus.

Heroes of the Realms

From the archives of the old Nexus Library. Histories of past Hero's long gone. Book pages that h...

Guild of Knowledge Library

Text saved from archives about the old Library of the Guild Of Knowledge. Keep in mind that this ...

Bardic Words of Art

This area will be dedicated to collecting and preserving the works of our members. If you woul...

Events from History

Log submissions of Players old and new to tell the hidden stories of the realm.