At the conclusion of Thelia's spell there was a bright light, and the top of the Ivory Tower was destroyed, large chunks falling here and there. When the rubble settled there was no cheer, there was just a ringing in the ears of the heroes and the guards that had been defending the city. There was nothing but dust left of the goblin hordes that has breached the city's barrier all that remained the mournful silence at the cost of tremendous measures. The weave of life had just been damaged immensely removing every goblin presence known from existence.

The days following the city took to cleaning up and repairing buildings. All quiet, everyone attended their duties solemnly. Thelia was recovered alive and in critical condition from what was left of the Ivory Tower, no one knows how or why she survived.

Heroes and the faithful alike attended their temples and prayed but where there was once answers and redemption there was silence. There came no light, no alleviation for the sorrows that were tearing at the hearts of all.

In the response of the devastation the enemies of Aalynor's Nexus grew very quiet. Some had tried to rally and attack at what was seen as a moment of opportunity, but in their failures, they retreated to the darkness, many based on their fears of the chaos that had just been instilled upon the world around them. Over months and years peace grew, the heroes found themselves less needed by the city guard. Some wound up in retirement, others went off on their own to seek their own fame and rewards, others still went off religious pilgrimages to find answers from their gods only to turn up empty handed, and some were never heard from again.

Seeing that there was no need for Falcion anymore the metallic dragons reclaimed their island to the mists. The losses for the Metallics had been many in their fights with the Chromatics, and they were in need of rest and recovering their numbers.

Seeing little purpose in staying in the city, Fenwick rode off to the north through the mountains and re-established trade routes with the Corynthian griffins. Being welcomed openly by Corynth others followed suit and moved there as well.

Thelia and other weavemasters gathered together all magical knowledge, remnants and artifacts after Nexus was rebuilt and headed off east to the desert, there they wiped away the undead infested city of Tholm, and established a new city dedicated to the study of magics of all forms. The denizens focused their efforts on purging the corruption left by Astaroth and others from the weave clearing it to the purest form. The city is open to all and leaves trade routes open and well guarded by battlemages through the desert, for those that wish to cross and seek knowledge that has been garnered from a millenia of study there.

With the Drow receding back to the underdark after they stopped hearing the voice of Tilnar or Kyorl, the mithril bridge was free to be rebuilt and over several years the bridge was completed watch towers and all. Afterwards cities and people were discovered across the vein, and access was opened to any who wish to see what the world had in wait for them to the west. Discovery of the city of the grey elves, drow that had long left the underdark and established farms and an above world society, as well as far to the east a mountain pass that leads to a city of dwarves. There is also rumblings that somewhere in the mountains across the vein there is a city of duergars, but they have yet to be found and no one knows for sure if they are hostile or welcoming.

Seeing little need to continue their research in Nexus the Healing Hand gathered their temple, their priests and vanished. Some say they established themselves else where in the mountains, or in another plane of existence entirely. All that was known of them was that the had no interest in revisiting the horrors experienced at the height of the great war against the goblin hordes.