Geography and City Histories


Nexus, The City of All Races

The City of Nexus is the last major population center remaining free on the continent since the fall of Tholm. Built on the ruins of the ancient Daer'lin city, it has become home to members of all races which have been become refugees to their homeland since the coming of the Goblin Hordes.

The Nexus was unique in its defiance of the Hordes, with a strong magical barrier surrounding the city, preventing the more powerful of the Goblin Forces from entering. This barrier was destroyed during the final Goblin invasion. Many heroes have risen from the ranks of its populace, and it currently serves as the headquarters and coordination point for all efforts by the Allied Races.


Falcion, The City of Apprenticeship (Former)

Raised from the ruins of the abandoned City of Algorian, after the First Coming of the Goblin Hordes, on the magical Isle of Falcion. The City of Apprenticeship was gifted by the Metallic Dragons (who call this Isle their home) and has been designed in cooperation with the Allied Races of Nexus.

The Major Guilds agreed to establish training facilities upon the isle, for their apprentices, and so this once abandoned island became a major center of activity. Guildmasters, Heroes, and Apprentices alike inhabited this small community as the next generation trained in relative safety, to reinforce the ranks of those already on the front line holding the Goblin Hordes back.

The Mages Guild, working with the Metallics have imbued the Falcion Citystone with many magical properties which serve to protect the island and its inhabitants. Many of the properties of the island are not common knowledge. It is known however that the island is shrouded in a magical mist, and that the location of the island shifts from time to time. Also, Apprentices were unable to leave the island, being compelled through some magical geas to complete their training before venturing out into the world.

After the final Goblin invasion and following time of peace, there was no great need for Falcion anymore. The metallic dragons reclaimed their island to the mists. The losses for the Metallics had been many in their fights with the Chromatics, and they were in need of rest and recovering their numbers.


Rymek, The Town of Seafolk

Rymek used to be a smaller fishing village to the south of the City of Nexus, and is nestled along the Sea of Tears. The Townsfolk are a peaceful lot, and were quite thankful to the Heroes of Nexus and its Militia which drove the Goblin Hordes out of the south long ago. Rymek's port used to ferry adventurers from Falcion and back, providing an invaluable stream of fighters during the wars.

After the final Goblin invasion and during the peace that followed, Rymek's prosperity and size exploded. With Falcion being reclaimed by the Dragons, Rymek was now the prime destination for new travelers and adventurers to the lands. With its port expanded, Rymek became a major trading hub for distant lands. The port of Rymek currently provides transport to an island just south of the mainland. Many of the creatures from Falcion seem to have made their way to this new island.


Rosehelm, Outpost

The Outpost of Rosehelm was established over one hundred years ago by the Order of the Rose, a religious order of holy warriors, and charged by the former empire to protect the realms. For many years they served as a calming influence in the countryside. Until the coming of the Goblin Hordes. The roads no longer being safe, and the Outpost itself under almost constant attack by the Goblins.

To their credit, the Order of the Rose, has held their own and continue to do so, without the barrier magics which used to protective the City of Nexus before it was brought down. During the final Goblin invasion, it was thought that Rosehelm Keep was taken by the Giants and all inhabitants put to death. In the aftermath, it was discovered a small group still lived, barricaded deep in the keeps underground fortress. During the following peaceful years, the Order of the Rose has slowly rebuilt their numbers.

The Order of the Rose, also known individually as the Rosehelm Guardsmen, currently have many religious and arcane artifacts buried deep in their keep, and under their protection; which were taken out of the City of Tholm only days before its fall to the Hordes.


Tholm, The Imperial City (City of the Arcane)

The City of Tholm was once a major center of knowledge, and a major population center in the realm. It was said that not since the University of the Daer'lin had such a vast quantity of knowledge been collected and distilled in one place.

Tholm was destroyed by the Goblin Hordes. All contact from the city cut off for months before news arrived that they were gone. Recent reports tell of a city changed, its magics bent and twisted with a perpetual darkness covering the sky, and undead marauding in the otherwise deserted streets.

Only a handful a refugees made their way to Nexus, and of those, the most notable being Thelia, who at the death of Fariol, assumed the Guildmaster of the Mage's Tower. She had left Tholm only a few short weeks before the invasion causing its downfall.

After the final Goblin invasion on the Allied Races of Nexus, Thelia and other weavemasters gathered together all magical knowledge, remnants and artifacts. When Nexus had been rebuilt, they headed off east to the desert, there they wiped away the undead infested city of Tholm, and established a new city dedicated to the study of magics of all forms. The denizens focused their efforts on purging the corruption left by Astaroth and others from the weave clearing it to the purest form.

The city is now open to all and leaves trade routes well guarded by battlemages through the desert, for those that wish to cross and seek knowledge that has been garnered from a millenia of study there.


Corynth, The City of the Gryphons

Presumed to lie on the Northern Continent of Ghoorma, many months travel by land and sea, the City of Corynth was 'rediscovered' by the denizens of the City of Nexus when they did reach out and call for help. Research into the event indicated that Corynth was once an ally of the Daer'lin and that they had certain understandings regarding offering one another assistance and specific means of communicating such requests.

The Corynthian Gryphons demonstrated considerable magical ability, well beyond anything seen in centuries.

Although the City of Nexus was able to help the Gryphons no progress was made in enlisting their aid. Before sending back a party of Heroes to the Nexus, the Leader of the Gryphons merely says: "If you should require help, contact us in the usual ways."

All records of Corynth and the Gryphons, beyond a cursory dialog in an unrelated missive in the archives, are presumed to have been destroyed centuries ago when the University of the Daer'lin fell into ruins.

After the final Goblin invasion and time of peace, Fenwick rode off to the north through the mountains and re-established trade routes with the Corynthian griffins. Being welcomed openly by Corynth, others followed suit and moved there as well.