Story: Where are the Gods?

Akamon has begun preaching to players demanding they find him and follow him.

A few citizens of Nexus and Rymek have been seen wearing symbols of the Cult of Aalynor, these citizens speak highly of Akamon and his church.

Ikrithyl has engaged and indicated that she doesn't trust Akamon, that she's been mislead by him and she believes Tilnar has been murdered.

Anyone who prays is met with visions of a path but it hasn't become clear what that path is.  Sometimes those prayers will lead players to seeing a vision of a gate, the same gate that is witnessed when passing through Tilnar's realm to the extradimensional healing hand.   The responses generally leave the players with a feeling of darkness or emptiness.

Heroes are having frequent nightmares. The nightmares feature the black gate that was typically only seen while passing through the Healing Hand. Sometimes the gate will speed away from their vision showing them a building nestled in a dark gnarled forest."