Combat Statistics

The Combat Metric Struct:

type CombatMetric struct {
Action string
ActionType int // damage 0, heal 1
Mode int // melee 0, ranged 1, spell 2, item 3
TotalDamage int
Resisted int
FinalDamage int
AttackerType int // player 0, mob 1, npc 2
AttackerId int
AttackerTier int
VictimType int // player 0, mob 1, npc 2
VictimId int
CombatTime time.Time

Action: Is the action being performed, or the action that the mob is taking e.g 'kill'  'backstab'  'range_vital'

ActionType: Whether it is healing or damaging

Mode is whether it is melee, ranged, spell, or item based

TotalDamage, Total damage that was issued 

Resisted:  How much damage was removed from the total inflicted

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