Guide to Roleplaying the Birth of a Child - Old


Helped into print by Quentin


Years ago, couples in Nexus started getting married, and inevitably, the issue of reproduction came up. People played out being pregnant for a short time, which made no real difference in their character, for the most part, save that they whined about being fat. They fought, got killed, and acted as normal, without further thought. After a birth, the child was just an object, brought outside to the city on days when a person wanted attention, and just simply put away somewhere when they didn't feel like roleplaying it. Things worsened, eventually there were trolls somehow making half-giants pregnant, though the two are incompatible. Then things slowed down for a while, the 'have a baby to get attention' craze ended. During this time, fed up with the way things had been going before, a 'No Babies' rule was laid down, but unannounced, because of the poor roleplaying previously done.

A talk with Atticus, when he was Master of the Timeline, during my earlier days as a Gamemaster, resulted in a proposed set of rules, that would have to be followed, to allow pregnancies back into the game. Unfortunately, he left, and at the same time, we had a nasty rough patch of troubles over the summer, and have had one annoying bug after another since then. Now, however, I have multiple couples getting married again, and beginning to ask questions about pregnancies, term lengths, and guidelines. As such, here we go:


Different races do NOT have children with each other, with a few exceptions. This is not, as some fools would argue, the difference between an Asian person, and a British person. Races in Nexus are, in fact, differerent species, and only called races, for some stupid reason I'm not going to waste time making up. A person is compatible with members of their own species. The ONLY exceptions to this, are Humans with Orcs, Humans with Elves, and their offspring with either of their parents cultures, or combinations thereof. Other racial combinations are NOT possible. If a troll claims a half-giant made them pregnant, they are delusional, or just making an excuse for being fat.


One of the biggest misinterpretations people have, is that they believe their character only does things when they are online playing as them. This in turn, turns people away from having married characters, as they refuse to act out 'mating' with another player. It is not required, in any way, to have your characters do this, while they are online. Two people can just as easily agree that their characters are spending a great deal of time together in their 'off' time (While the player is offline). If people do wish to be involved in the acts of their character in this way, BOTH players involved, regardless of the mindset of their characters, must be in agreeance (If someone breaks up a relationship with your character because you refuse to play this out online, let us know. They're the twit, and we'll penalize the snot out of them.), and, being that we prefer to consider Aalynor's Nexus a Mud that can and does appeal to all ages, the two characters must be in a room that is secluded, and private, not out in public. Whether conception of a child itself occurrs, we leave to the discretion of the involved parties.

Pregnancy: The part people are stupid with

When your character is pregnant, you MUST send mail to me (Quentin), so actions proceeding from it can be monitored appropriately. If you plan to have complications or a miscarriage from the start, mention it, to make things easier. If your character has a healthy pregnancy, avoids dangers, and takes care of themselves, there will be no complications whatsoever surrounding the birth of the child, unless you want them, for enhanced roleplaying. If you are seen making a serious danger to the child, a Gamemaster, likely myself, will take note of it, and generate a random number with a set range, based on the damage done, to decide whether the birth is successful, and whether there are complications. Fighting while pregnant is bad, and stupid. You're in danger of dying, getting hurt, and the serious physical stress alone is bad for you and the child. Whether it causes actual damage registered by the system or not, things that should hurt you, are bad. If someone walks up to your character, and actions slamming them in the stomach, the game registers no damage, but obviously, this is bad. Needless to say, staying around the city while carrying a child is dangerous, and it could be far safer to find somehwere quiet to stay, with less of a crowd around. If you die, while pregnant, that's it. The hand doesn't revive little babies inside of Mommy's stomach, and can't. The Child's soul isn't strong enough at that point, and they couldn't be restored inside of their mother, if it was possible to save them.


After the term (see below) of a pregnancy is over, obviously, comes the birth. This can be done, as conception, with your character online, or off. Another mail to Quentin at the end of the term, to check if any intervention needs to be made, and to have the child 'made', and you're set.

Terms of Pregnancy, in Game Time (Roughly, divide by 4 to get real time)
Humans, Gnomes, Orcs Half-Giants, other races whose lifespan is less than 100 years - 9 months.
Elves, and Dwarves - 4 years.
Sprites - 3 years.
Renis - 6 years.

Human/Orc  - any combination - 9 months
Human/Elf - 2 years
Human/Half-Elf - 1 year
Elf/Half-Elf - 3 years
Any other Human/Elf combination - round to one of the above.

The game doesn't have 'quarter elves', and such. If a Human and a Half-Orc have a child, it's game definition is Human, though it might have a slightly Orcish appearance.



Take good care of your child, we leave it alone to grow up. Do something stupid, we'll step in. Detail isn't needed here, as logic applies, really.

If you take your child fighting, it's probably going to die. If something kills your child, and it isn't old enough to have a strong enough soul, it's gone. If your baby sleeps in a feed bin at the stable, someone is going to take it. Common sense.



There is, in fact, an orphanage tucked away somewhere in the realms, at which one could leave a child, or adopt one (Provided the head of the orphanage trusts you). To contact him, address a letter to him, and send it to Quentin.

And that, for the most part, is it, folks. If you wind up getting penalized for something stupid you did that wasn't clearly specified in here, don't bother whining. If common sense says something was stupid, it was stupid. If you have any further questions, or if I've forgotten to include something, mail me. (Quentin)