A spot for things that might have been in the old game, but aren't in the new game yet and we would like to see come back in the future. Things that are not a priority to get the game back up and running, but would be nice to see come back at some point.

Attune Items - Meld Shop

Used to be able to attune items at the meld shop for a hefty fee so that if you ever died they would travel with you to the healing hand. Made it so you could keep on fighting if you died and not be stuck if you cant get back out to your corps where you died.


This is from the 071808_shreya (1).txt log file in Restorables shared folder:


Shreya says, out of character, "I have an OOC question too. Is it a good idea to attune stuff while scouting? It causes you to keep it if you die, right?"

You say, out of character, "Attuning does do that. If you're concerned about losing things, it's worth it.