Notes on Religion & Ethos

In the beginning, there was Void... Void was great, but empty, and hungered... From Void were born two brothers, the True Gods which did form all of creation... Aalynor and Tilnar, brothers, equal but unique.

The Brothers embodied the Light itself, the force of goodness, from which was sprung all life. As the two wove existence into being, they gave of themselves, forming the Weave of Life between them. Each of them embodied a different aspect of the Light: Aalynor was the Lord of Dawn, and Tilnar, the Lord of Twilight. Between them, the Light itself, and life flowed... From the Light was born creation, and the Daer'lin. The Daer'lin were the first race, made in the image of the Gods, and granted Free Will - the power to shape and form the world.... They flourished for centuries under the loving guidance of the Brothers. But, their society began to stagnate, and their happiness faded into complacency... So, the Gods gathered a Council of Daer'lin, and each of them had different suggestions as to the "proper" way to correct the problems, though they all agreed that immortality was not the way... So, the True Gods made the races, each one patroned by one of the Daer'lin. To ensure that the new races would have guidance, the Council was ascended, given powers from the True Gods, to become Gods themselves. Tilnar was charged with maintaining mortality, and so, the Lord of Death was expected to visit each soul when its life was to end and to judge the souls of the dead... And so, it was.

Then, as Shadow, and Evil, the price of free will, manifested, so did some Gods turn to it, sparking the first War of Races, and the first Godswar. Free Will made it so that the Gods' children could kill each other, deaths which were against the natural flow of life, yet that Tilnar had to honor... Several Gods were slain, and Tilnar, absorbing their powers and darkness, fell into Shadow himself... and madness, as his beloved wife was slain... The War of the Races had an aftermath, with Tilnar's angels being reshaped in his dark heart, forming the daemons which plague the races today. Tilnar swore to never again slay another God... and oath which he was forced to break.

Since then, Fallen Gods have been resurrected, and Trista, the Shade of a Daer'lin who had been killed in an accident (for the Daer'lin could be killed), absorbed the powers of Rudestyle. Tilnar, in his madness, created Kyorl from his daemons, infusing him with powers that he had absorbed...

And thus, Nexus has seen many Gods. What follows, in this section, is a list of the Gods, and their powers and portfolio.

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